SAME DAY PRODUCTION* On all orders in before 1pm weekdays.

Complete Graphics

We are a family ran and operating trade print shop. Starting out in 2014 in the west of Melbourne, we had our goal to provide the best possible solution for direct print on glass. Years later, we decided to expand our capabilities into the wide format market offering a broad range of printed products. Currently, we stay true to our origins and continue to print on glass, while using our spare capacity to provide our customers additional printing services.


Our philosophy has always been to be the best at print. This means our focus is our print production workflow. By focusing on print, it allows us to develop individual workflows for all our products which achieves faster production times and higher quality finished products.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide easy access to our products to our customers Australia wide, by developing the best online ordering system we possibly can and cutting production times so our customers can have their products sooner.


Our Values

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Exceeded expectations
  • Environment
  • Transparency
  • Ownership
  • Earn Trust
  • Delivery Results
  • Friends, Family & all our customers.

Our Equipment

    Complete Graphics believes in investing in the best equipment on the market. By having high quality equipment & tools, this allows our products to have a high standard of quality, and we pass this quality on to our clients.

    All our equipment has been meticulously picked for the colour output, speed & print quality so we can provide our clients with the best possible print.



    Canon Arizona

    Our Canon Arizona UV flatbed printer is the best in its class for its extra wide colour gamut allowing us to hit more spot colours precisely.
    Boasting a 3m x 2.5m table, it allows us to print 2 full sheets (1.2 x 2.4) simultaneously with no change over time and allows us to print extra-large sheets up to the full size of the bed.
    Equipped with an optional 2.2M Roll – Roll module, it allows us to print extra wide flexible media.

    Canon Colorado 1650

    Our Canon Colorado UV Gel Roll – Roll printer is the best in its class for the print speeds and colour gamut. This allows us to print flexible media up to 1600mm wide at production speeds without degrading any image quality. The Colorado also allows us to choose between Gloss & Matte print modes to keep the images consistent across a range of medias whether they are gloss, matte, coated or uncoated.

    Fotoba XLD 170hs

    “HS” stands for for “high speed” which is exactly what it it… Fast. Our Fotoba XLD can trim 100m in under 5 minutes with accuracy of 1mm. Trimming any posters, self-adhesives, wallpaper, textiles and any other roll media to size in matter of minutes.
    in addition, our Fotoba XLD was custom built to handle lightweight stocks at 10gsm and any kind of textiles.

    Colour Management

    We have a tight colour managed workflow which allows us to consistently print accurate colours on all our media across all our printers. Our high-end spectrophotometers from Barbieri allows us to do the following:

    Calibrate our printers and media.
    Perform on the spot, spot colour checks.
    Production run colour accuracy checks and linearisation to keep colours consistent.