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How long is your turnaround time?

From next day to a week, depending on quantities and media. We usually keep stock of most common substrates, but some media still may need to be ordered.

How long is your turn around time for printed splashbacks?

Up to 10 working days to be fully installed.

How can I send you files?

If not purchased online, we have a file uploader in the “My Account” menu where you can upload files and jobs directly to us.

Will the print match my monitor?

We cannot guarantee our print will match your monitor as we cannot verify how well the calibration is (if it has been done) However All of our monitors and printers are all calibrated to a high standard.

What types of file, format and specifications do I need to send for printing?

We have a list of artwork guidelines that will help you putting your file together. See here.
But we use .pdf .jpeg .jpg .tiff

Do you edit my files for print?

No, we do not edit or modify your files.
We request that you follow “Artwork Guidelines” To ensure you have the correct format for us to print.
If you have sent us an incompatible file, you will be notified and will be asked to amend the file for us to print.
On special request, we can resize your image if you cannot do so.

What is a proof, and do I need it?

A proof is a preliminary version of a printed piece. It provides a close representation of how the piece will appear.
Do you need it? it depends on if your print is colour critical.

Who is Trade Printing for?

We reserve trade printing for clients who need to on-sell our prints and services. Those include, print brokers, sign installers, small print companies and anyone else that needs to on-sell a printed service or product.

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