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Complete Graphics is focused on providing our high-quality printing with quick turnaround times at trade prices for Trades and Businesses who on sell print which include: Sign Writers, Print Suppliers, Print managers, Graphic Designers, Marketing, Advertising agencies, and anyone else who supplies printed products to their customers.

No matter how big or small of a company you are, we believe in having a good relationship with all our clients. Our mission is to help all our clients succeed with their businesses by letting them focus on business growth and development, while we do what we do best which is print!

No minimum orders. We allow our clients to order as little as they need to get their feet off the ground. We want our clients to have trust in us and our printing, to allow them to continue to grow their business and order as much as they need, when they need.

How we can help you

Flatbed Printing

Print directly onto almost any stock with colour accuracy and at high resolution.
We keep stock a range of substrates which helps us reduce turnaround times for production.
Need a stock that we do not have/not listed? Let us know what you are after.

Wide format printing

We have the capability of printing onto almost any flexible stock at high speed while retaining high resolution and no banding.
We stock a range of flexible media which are all calibrated to produce accurate colour.
Need a stock that we do not have/not listed? Let us know what you are after.

Glass printing

With the same principles of flatbed printing, we print directly onto glass for a range of applications.
We can use white ink or a durable white paint for backing the glass. Our glass prints are calibrated with a custom process to allow high colour accuracy.

QC for glass:

  • All glass gets inspected before printing for any imperfections and scratches. Our clients will get notified and will determine if it pases their QC.
  • No banding / lines in the print
  • no ink droplets or dust in the print.

Our services we have for glaziers, builders, and printed glass suppliers:

  • Glass measured, supplies and printed: We can provide a full measure, print and install service.
  • Glass supplied and printed: If you’re supplying a measurement only and want us to supply glass
  • Glass printed only: If you want to supply us with the glass and measurement.


We are equipped with a range of finishing equipment that allows us to produce a finished product in-house. We can do the following:

  • Square cuts for rigid stock
  • Square cuts for flexible stock
  • Banner welding & eyeleting
  • Spray booth for painting glass or clear coating stocks.

Online Services

Our registered customers have access to our file uploader which allows your to directly send us files without losing any quality.
Glaziers have access to an order form to streamline printed splashback ordering.

Stock purchasing & storage

If you need production printing with extremely fast turn around times on specified stock, we can purchase stock on your behalf and store it for you, to be ready for printing as soon as you make an order.

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