Printed Glass

We offer the highest quality printed glass in Australia. Our glass prints are colour managed in-house to provide you with the most colour accurate print possible. This allows you to have near photographic quality prints on glass for any application you would like.

Printed Glass

For glass that will be displayed on a wall, hung, mounted, or used in other applications where you are able to provide us your sizes you need. We have options for the glass to be mounted with standoffs or a mounting system behind the glass.
we recommend standoffs to be used for glass signs that will be transparent or office signs. And the behind the glass mounting system to be used for displaying artwork or photographs.

Printed Spashbacks

We offer a specialised service where we will come and measure the area, print the glass then come back and install your printed glass splashback for you to enjoy.
If you are a glazier, we offer a range of different services depending on what you need. For more information click here

Applications for printed glass splashbacks:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Shower
  • laundry
  • Any wet area applications

Printed Laminated Glass

Printed laminated glass is 2 pieces of glass laminated together with a film between the glass. This is also known as safety glass. The print is printed on 1 of the sheets of glass with the option of being transparent or non-transparent. The print then will be laminated against the 2nd piece of glass which also protects the print from being damaged.


  • Balustrades
  • Glass doors
  • Glass walls

Glass specifications we use:

  • Low iron (not green tinted glass)
  • All edges are polished unless specified not to be.
  • 6mm thick
  • Up to 3000mm long for a single piece.