Low iron glass, means the glass is manufactured with a low amount of iron. This make the glass have no green tinge which is found in common “float” glass and is much more optically clear.

Glass is a great substitute to a lot of acrylic products for a greater premium look.

Glass has a lot of unique applications such as, Splashbacks, Wall art, Windows, Dividing walls, Doors and many other applications.

Glass can also be laminated, which means two pieces of toughened glass laminated together by a thin film which creates “Safety Glass” which further extends the application range of glass.

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Print Options

Printing Method: Flatbed / direct to substrate
Ink set: CMYK+White UV curable inks

Stock Info

Sheet size: up to 3000mm x 2500mm single sheet.

Additional Info

Custom media profile ✔
Toughened glass ✔
Polished Edges ✔

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