About Complete Graphics

Complete Graphics started from a simple idea, to print colour accurate images onto glass to create “next gen” printed products.

The previous, and current methods that are used to display a print behind glass are quite expensive, not efficient, and not durable enough for the possibilities of the use of glass. So, we came up with a way to print directly onto glass which gives the final product much more durability and allows for many more applications.

After a few years of printing, we started to get clients who asked us to print on other medias and rigid substrates with the same quality we used on our glass prints and noticed our service became a popular service for our clients who on-sell our services and products so we continued to expand on it.

Over the years, we’ve grown facilities to include one of the largest UV true flatbed printers in Australia, A range of machinery for cutting substrate which include a CNC and an XL sliding saw to rip though any type of media and industry leading colour measuring devices and software which allow us to have colour accurate prints on every media we print on. In addition to our printing facilities, we have a fabrication facility that allows us to create bespoke products and solutions for our clients

From the beginning and still to this day, we have been serious about colour management. We want our prints to be colour accurate as they can be. This allows us to be consistent with our prints in any situation whether its to match branding colours or to match our clients printed workflow when our clients on-sell our services and prints.

By doing everything in-house we save on overheads which allow us to have a tight workflow management that equals to quicker turnaround times and cost savings that we pass onto our clients.