About Our Printed Glass Splashbacks

Printed glass splashbacks are the best and most creative way to liven up your home. Printed on Low iron glass, our high-resolution 1000dpi prints allows your image to be true to life with life-like colours.

Complete Graphics is one of the leading printed glass manufacturers in Australia. We have been printing on glass for well over 10 years, and in that time, we’ve supplied our printed glass to all corners of Australia. We’ve been involved in many types of projects including supplying apartment blocks with custom-printed splashbacks in every kitchen to supplying boutique home builders for one-off custom homes.

Our processes are industry-leading when it comes to printed glass. We use a multistage cleaning and quality control process before printing to ensure all glass surpasses our standards. Our printed glass splashbacks will go through a second clean & quality control process after printing to make sure our customers get the best product possible. To make sure our prints are at a high standard, our printers are carefully calibrated to produce the widest colour gamut possible. this means we’re able to reproduce photographs and artwork on glass as accurately as possible.

Complete Graphics works with all types of customers including Glaziers, Photographers, Artists and even the public. We believe our high-quality printed glass splashbacks should be accessible to everyone who wishes to have one.

Why Printed Glass Splashbacks?

We always prefer glass splashbacks over stone or tiles in any kitchen splashbacks. Simply, Glass is easier to clear, it’s far more hygienic, and it’s got less area for dirt and oil to grab onto. Unlike stone & Tiles, oils can get into stone as it’s porous and even leave stains. This is like tiles, where the grout can stain over time and appear darker and dirtier.

How Does It Work?

You choose your image from either our image library or supply your own.
We send out a glazier to measure your splashback area.
We’ll send you a proof of what it’ll look like and once you’ve approved it, we’ll go ahead and print it and come around and install it.

Working With Trades

We are trade friendly, which means we work with all types of trades and services that want to supply printed glass splashbacks as a product. We’re open to working with Glaziers, Architects, Builders and other trades and services.

For more information, please reach out to us!

✓   6mm Low Iron Glass
✓   Toughened Safety Glass
✓   Polished Edges
✓   1000DPI Prints
✓   Gloss or Matte Glass
✓   Colour Accurate Prints

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What Our Customers Say

Been a customer for many years, always quality work and prompt service! Highly recommended!
Grimm Industries
Our Team @ Design Inferno recommend Complete Graphics to anyone who seeks quality in work. Great bunch of people to work with. We wish you all the best. Hoping to work with you for many more years.
Rukmal Mendis
I have dealt with Complete Graphic for the past 7 or so years. This is the place where we take our glass splashbacks that require digital printing. Always have been happy with the service and the quality of the work.
Dmitri Ilinov
Exceptional customer service and quality of product. I highly recommend Complete Graphics for all your printing needs.
Rachael Blake
fantastic product and the staff are great to deal with which makes it a very smooth process from start to finish
Cameron Chapman
Great company that produce quality work, friendly staff that go the extra mile.
Brad McMullan
Finally a company that is passionate about their service and quality of product we found them a pleasure to work with and from our experience we highly recommend
Rita Pezzano

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